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Qubic System QS-220-PL - Intro Set

Reference: QS-220-PL-I

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The QS-220-PL Intro Set consisting of two actuators, power cabinet and motion controller (QS-MC6) is the perfect solution for all drivers who start their adventure with simracing and want to come into the virtual world of competition or need a 2DOF as a first motion platform. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest advantages of the Qubic System brand is the ability to seamlessly expand the motion system with additional actuators kit, quickly and easily creating extraordinary and original motion cockpits in a 3DOF configuration or even 6DOF with additional special designed accessories.


Set Highlights

Maximum velocity: 800 mm/s
Maximum acceleration: 0.8 G
Actuator stroke: 100 mm
Latency: <8 ms
Maximum control frequency: 1000 Hz
Vibration frequency range: 0-100 Hz

Set Key Features

Proudly made in EU: Engineered, Designed and Manufactured in Poland
Super silent – extremely quiet operation
Used by professional race car drivers and pilots around the world
Top quality ecosystem for personal and commercial applications
Supported by dedicated software QubicManager: motion adjustment, motion post-processing, extensive diagnostic or easy and fast use of predefined profiles
VR HeadWay technology support (VR sickness compensation)
Over 80+ integrated and supported racing and flight games
Compatible with professional simulation applications – Motion SDK (FSMI or FSDI) for software developers




Box 1. QS-220-PL motion set:

2x QS-L1 – linear actuator with cup holder
1x QS-SB2 – power cabinet (control module)
1x QS-SBML-2 – motion lock cable (up-link/down-link) – 2 m long
1x Power cable

Box 1. Dimensions
71 cm x 53 cm x 16 cm | 27.9 in x 20.9 in x 6.3 in

Box 1. Weight
30 kg| 66.14 lb

Box 2. QS-MC6 controller set:

1x QS-SBML-1 – motion lock with additional 2 m long cable
1x QS-MBT-1 – M-BUS terminator
1x USB cable – 0,5 m long cable (USB micro B)
1x CAT.5E patch cord cable – 2 m long

Box 2. Dimensions
20 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm | 7.9 in x 7.9 in x 5.1 in

Box 2. Weight
1 kg | 2.2 lb


General Specification Of QS-220-PL set

Architecture: 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 DOF (depending on user configuration and number of modules)
Actuator stroke: 100 mm | 3.93 in

Maximum velocity:
◦ Q-Mode (230V): 800 mm/s
◦ Performance Mode (115V/230V): 400 mm/s
◦ Heavy Duty Mode (115/230V): 300 mm/s

Maximum acceleration:
◦ Q-Mode (230V): 0.8G*
◦ Performance Mode (115V/230V): 0.7G*
◦ Heavy Duty Mode (115/230V): 0.4G*
*value of acceleration is limited for safety reasons

Recommended payload in 3DOF (2x QS-220-PL) configuration:
◦ Q-Mode: 200 kg
◦ Performance Mode: 250 kg
◦ Heavy Duty Mode: 350 kg

Vibrations frequency range: 0-100 Hz
Maximum control frequency: 1000 Hz
Latency: <8 ms

Product weight: 30 kg | 66 lb

Main Dimensions

Total length: QS-L1: 90 mm | 3.55 in, QS-SB2: 385 mm | 15.16 in
Total width: QS-L1: 90 mm | 3.55 in, QS-SB2: 300 mm | 11.81 in
Total height: QS-L1: 553-653 mm | 22-26 in, QS-SB2: 88 mm | 3.46 in
Cable length (QS-L1 actuator – QS-SB2 Power cabinet): 1150 mm | 45.2 in

Power Requirements

Power supply requirements: 115/230 VAC Single Phase
Average power consumption in 3DOF configuration:
◦ Q-Mode: 260W (230V)
◦ Performance Mode: 280W (230V), 270W (115V)
◦ Heavy Duty Mode: 436W (230V), 462W (115V)

Peak current for breaker specification in 3DOF configuration:
◦ Q-Mode: 5.17A (230V)
◦ Performance Mode: 4.55A (230V), 7.35A (115V)
◦ Heavy Duty Mode: 5.88A (230V), 9.89A (115V)

Connection: USB


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