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Moza Racing R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base

Reference: MZR-R9

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Moza R9

Better than Fanatec CSL DD but, because it is yet in childhood, it needs some software retouches. The hub is one of/or the best in the market.


Moza R9

Fast shipping and kindly customer service.


Great cost to benefit

The Moza R9 DD wheel base stands at the sweet spot between price at torque level. I've been using it at around 65% of its torque capacity, which leaves some room for a greater torque if needed and at the same time I'm not spending a lot in a 20 Nm base. I noticed that with power off, while turning the wheel base, there is a so called "notchiness" feeling (many product reviews mentioned it). That initially worried me, but once the power is on I couldn't notice it. Maybe if you use very low torque levels you'll be able to notice it.


Excellent product

No complaints and the delivery was super fast to Finland.


(almost) excellent all around

Before I write about the base itself, let me say first that the service here at ProSimtech has been excellent, and if this review was just about their service, it would be five stars, easily. I had an issue with the first unit that I received (nothing that they had any influence over, it was some internal issue with the base), and the team at ProSimtech did everything right, kept in contact and tried to figure out together with me what the issue was and did everything they could in order to solve the issue for me. I would definitely recommend anyone who would want to buy their equipment to get it from ProSimtech, their support is really great. Let's keep it simple regarding the review and divide it into positives and negatives: positive: - build quality is very solid, there's almost nothing to complain about here, the only minor gripe being the on-off switch which in my opinion should be a more solid flip switch instead. But otherwise it's really solid all around, thumbs up for that - force feedback detail and strength are great, they vary between different sims and can be adjusted independently from the game's output inside the Moza software. Definitely strong enough to make me recommend mounting it to a solid rig. - very sturdy and practical quick release mechanism for attaching a rim to the base, it's rock solid and doesn't bend at all under use - the base runs reliably even for longer periods of time. I've done a 10-hour endurance race with it, of which I was driving three hours, and it didn't cause any issues during the whole race - the accompanying software is very easy to use and it explains the different functions and adjustments really well. This is my first direct drive base, and I still managed to understand everything well and put together my own FFB profiles (which is another positive about the software: you can put together as many profiles as you like, and it's really easy to do so) - compatibility: this base was really easy to get to work with all the sims that I play, and there's really good documentation and help on the Moza website in case you should run into issues getting it to work with the sim of your choice negatives: - this wheel base is not entirely quiet, as so many reviews on the internet seem to suggest. it emits an audible static noise when powered up, even just sitting there. This is going to be the only noise you're going to hear from it, mind you, because the motor while working doesn't make any noise at all. But the constant static noise coming from the base is there at all times. With my first unit that I ordered the noise was pretty loud actually, with the replacement unit that I have now it's much better, but still noticeable. So if you should expect a completely quiet experience, then this isn't it. - I've had a few issues lately with the Moza software losing the inputs from the shifters from my rim (Moza CS wheel rim) and the only way to make it work again was to restart the Moza House software entirely. So the software isn't 100% up there yet it seems. Might be some bug that got into the software after an update, but since the software is necessary to use the base, I'll include it in this review. Overall I have to say though, despite the negatives that I mentioned, that I am very happy with the product overall. For a direct drive in this price range this is an excellent product and I've had a lot of fun with it so far. I'm glad I decided to get this base, also because it was really easy to get it to work with every sim that I play. For this price point I don't think you could get a better base at this point in time. Would I have chosen a more expensive one instead, knowing everything I know now? Maybe regarding certain aspects, but overall, I'm glad I chose this base, for its ease of use and its really sturdy build quality at a very reasonable price.

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